Doc Earl

Customized Health Planning

In Oriental medicine, the human body is viewed as a microcosm (small universe) with a set of interconnected systems that must work together in harmony for health to occur. It is also considered a unified entity within nature, which constantly interacts with our natural environment, i.e., the rest of God's creation.

Therefore, not only is each body totally unique, it is also dynamic—ever changing—in its quest to achieve health and balance.

That's why Doc Earl designs personalized health plans for his patients, because no two are the same. With Doc Earl, there's no cookie-cutter healthcare; you're treated like the individual that you are. And each visit, too, is unique; addressing the body's changeable needs.

Doc Earl (Dr. Glenn L. Earl, O.M.D.) is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, a licensed acupuncturist, a board-certified Chinese herbologist, and an enzymologist, so his health plans are multi-faceted. He uses acupuncture, enzymology, herbology, whole food nutrition, and anti-aging therapy. He also offers long-distance Bio Design assessment and supplemental therapy consultations.

The BioDezyne assessment is a very effective tool for long distant assessment. Learn more about the BioDezyne process by clicking here.

We thank you for your interest in exploring Doc Earl's Health By Design. We believe that knowledge is power, and when used correctly can positively influence your life. So we hope that you not only enjoy the site, but also gain some knowledge. If you decide you'd like to make an appointment with Doc Earl, for either an in-office visit or a long-distance consultation, just click on Contact Us.