Doc Earl



A little over one year ago my body had become so toxic from prescribed medications that I was actually losing my vision, could barely walk, had excruciating skin lesions, and, after having lived a life of optimism, exercise, and encouraging others, I found myself questioning ALL. The western medical doctors whom I had turned to in trust 10 years earlier now began an extensive shuffling of "Rebekah". I was a toxic waste-site to my own self and was told by professionals that basically I would have my ailing symptoms for the rest of my life! At the same time they continued to offer drugs even though they knew the drugs were destroying me!

Then a gift from God happened! My husband, John, was told about Doc Earl by another patient. This patient described former symptoms she had experienced over several years which had been completely alleviated through treatments with the good Doc.! We were willing to give it a try. Well, the 'IT' trial has resulted in miraculous, yes, miraculous restoration of my life in all areas. Upon my very first session with Doctor Glenn Earl, I was given HOPE reinforced with belief in healing, given sound and gentle protocols to follow, and continual encouragement! I have offered to have photos posted. Though still in transition, the before and afters are nothing less than remarkable! My list of ailments upon my first stages of treatments is too lengthy for now. I now have Hope to be a source of renewed faith, hope and joy to others.

We thank you Doctor Earl and the Spirit by which you offer your skills and compassion.

—Gratefully Rebekah Ludeman

P.S. I am free and clear of using perscription drugs!!!

High Speed Fall

I had a high-speed fall while skiing and ended with sacroiliac joint inflammation (SJI). I lived with this pain for 9 months. Then it was diagnosed by an orthopedic doctor who prescribed physical therapy. I asked Dr. Earl if he could help. It took just one treatment for the pain to completely disappear! I only wish that I had asked him to treat it earlier!

Dr. Earl has also helped me with chronic sinusitis. I used to take high doses of antibiotics to treat my sinus infections several times a year, and I believe they weren't really helping my sinuses anyway. I have been antibiotic free for two years now, thanks to Dr. Earl's treatments!

—Marry Stewart


I first met Dr. Earl about five years ago. With a history of osteoporosis, continual back pains, plus a digestive system completely out of kilter (which exacerbated the osteoporosis by preventing nourishment of the bone structure), as well as frequent bouts of diarrhea, I felt there was nothing to lose as nothing else was helping. Within a very few treatments, all of these problems faded away. Then I realized that just because they had been cured, what would prevent a recurrence in the future? Understanding that acupuncture not only heals but that its primary role is preventive, I felt it would be wisest to set up regular treatments to keep me in good health.

As a result, I have not had a sick day for those five years, not even a common cold in the winter. A side-effect comes during our local winters when the air pollution is severe; Dr. Earl gives me an extra boost to compensate. I am now 87 years of age and frankly feel less than half that age. So if you have any health problems, let Dr Earl correct them for you, and then don't just walk away but come back regularly to keep in tip-top condition.

—John Robinson

Back Surgery

I had back surgery in June 2005 and had a difficult time recovering. It was all I could do to get to work every day. When I went home, the first thing I would do is kick off my shoes, change into something comfortable, and go to bed. I felt like my life was literally slipping away from me.

Prior to back surgery, I had neck surgery that included fusions at C4-5, 5-6, 6-7. As a result of the surgery, I lost feeling in the fourth and fifth fingers of my right hand. My doctor told me that it was permanent nerve damage and that the numbness would never go away.

After high recommendations by more than one acquaintance, I started treatment with Dr. Earl in May of 2007. It was the best decision, and I'm still a patient of Dr. Earl's. Through acupuncture the feeling in my fingers has returned, and the neck pain is gone. I am on a maintenance treatment program, and, because of Dr. Earl, I have increased energy, and I'm able to lead a normal life. In addition to treating my back and neck, he's also worked his wonders on a multitude of issues that crop up from time to time. He's successfully treated a twitching eye, seasonal allergy issues, common cold, and, thanks to Dr. Earl, I no longer have acid reflux problems. With acupuncture and pharmaceuticals he has healed my stomach, and I am off of the chemical drugs that only masked the problem. Dr. Earl takes a personal interest in all of his patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Earl to anyone who is looking for a healthy and effective alternative to Western medicine.

—Sheryl Jones

Proper Nutrition and Supplements

I have been a patient of Dr. Earl's for at least 5-6 years. I was a beautician for years, and through that career I developed neck, shoulder, back, and arm problems. With time, trust in Dr. Earl, and trust in the magnificent healing capacity of the body, I am in great shape now. I see Dr. Earl once a month for maintaining my health and well-being.

I truly believe in the effect of proper nutrition and healthy supplements and have been doing a Health Program with Dr. Earl called Bio-Dezyne. Consequently, I feel better, sleep better, and move better than I have for a very long time. I am 65 years old and feel great.

Also I believe in the energy systems connecting as body, mind, and soul. To me, acupuncture totally compliments all those areas for wellness. I would see an acupuncturist before a medical doctor because I so trust in this model of healing. I thank Dr. Earl and staff for my healing and care and recommend him highly.

—Georgia Dummer

High Blood Pressure

I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure for several years and have been on several different types of medication to help keep it under control. The medications are typically expensive and have uncomfortable side-effects that impact my lifestyle. I am an active 40 year old father of 3 boys. The thought of taking blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life and having to deal with the side-effects of dizziness and shortness of breath was disconcerting to say the least.

I have been seeing Doctor Earl for less than a year. With acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements, I am completely off of blood pressure medicine. My blood pressure is on course to normal, and I feel great. In fact, as a cool side benefit, I rarely get sick anymore. Colds and flu that run through my household and office seem to by-pass me. Dr. Earl is a good friend, and I am grateful that he is my doctor. I am constantly referring my friends and family members to visit Dr. Earl.

—Frank Potter

High Cholesterol Miracle

I was having big problems with high cholesterol. I couldn't walk 1/2 block without getting a pain going down my left arm. I do not go to doctors or take their drugs so I was getting really worried about a stroke or heart attack. My niece referred me to Doctor Earl, and WOW a miracle. After treatment I can walk as long and far as I want without pain. In fact I am also running again (not bad for a 72 year old woman). Doctor Earl saved my life and has made me healthy again.

—Corna O'Rafferty

My first appointment

I came with a variety of symptoms: ringing in my ears, my hearing was shutting off and on, anxiety, high blood pressure, TMJ, knee pain, allergies, headaches, sinus infections, depression, digestive problems, and I couldn't fly anymore because the pressure in my eustachian tubes wouldn't equalize. I was a physical and emotional wreck at age 56.

I filled out pages and pages of information about my health history because Dr. Earl said, "I want to know everything about you." He also wanted to know about what was happening in my life, the stresses and concerns. He wanted to gain a total understanding of everything that was going on with me: body, mind and soul. After our consultation, I wrote in my journal, "He gives me hope for healing!!! He seems so confident and kind. He said, 'We can fix's easy.' Maybe he really can help me."

Now, four years later, I fly with no pain in my ears, my blood pressure is normal, no headaches or knee pain, no allergies, sinus problems, TMJ, and no anxiety and depression. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs have gently and effectively brought balance and healing to me. For the first time in my life I've found a doctor who really cares about my well-being, a healer who is skilled and wise and compassionate. Dr. Earl is a blessing for the beings of this earth, and I am thankful every day that I found him!

—Roberta Chase

My 88 year old father

I first brought my 88 year old father to Dr. Glenn Earl on Sept. 23, 2009. He was on narcotic pain meds every four hours and was still in constant pain. His right leg was swollen to twice the size of his left leg due to a back injury leading to poor circulation and a massive DVT the length of his right leg. He was confused, had poor balance, and could only take a few steps in a bent-over position because of weakness and pain. He had very little control over his bowels and bladder. He was on meds. for seizures, pain, bladder control, enlarged prostate, blood clots, and depression. We were with him 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week.

Today, Dec. 11, 2009, just 2 and one half months later, he is off his coumidin and his prostate meds. We have lowered his dilantin, and he only takes a pain pill occasionally, maybe once a week. He is alert, stronger, and has control of his bowels and bladder. His right leg is now a normal size. He can walk slowly with a walker without pain. He sleeps at night and is awake most of the day. He is motivated and happy. He continues to make amazing progress. I would recommend Dr. Earl to anyone, young or old who needs help or would like to feel better.

—Becky Westbroek

I was desperate for help!

I had severe environmental and seasonal allergies. My doctor prescribed two different prescriptions, but my allergies continued to get worse, leaving me extremely fatigued. I'd also had thyroid cancer and surgery to remove my left thyroid. After surgery, my doctor put me on thyroid medication, and though I worked with an endocrinologist for six months to try to get the dosage right, I continued to feel worse. Even though blood tests showed that my thyroid was in the normal range, my fatigue increased until I was barely able to function.

I was desperate for help. A friend referred me to Dr. Earl. He recommended that I stop taking all the medications for allergies and thyroid, and began treating me with acupuncture and herbs. Within a couple of months I was feeling dramatically better, and within six months, I was well enough to return to work.

I have now been seeing Dr. Earl for over three years and feel better than I have in over a decade. I always recommend Dr. Earl to any friends and family who have health issues, and everyone I've sent to him has had wonderful results as well.

—Ann Rene Richmond

Avoided radical surgery

I was having difficulty swallowing food and was diagnosed with acholasia of the esophagus. The recommended treatment was a procedure to shred the lower muscles of my esophagus.

A patient of Dr. Earl's who is a personal friend of mine recommended that I consult him. Dr. Earl felt that with acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements that I would be able to avoid such a radical procedure.

He was right. With Dr. Earl's treatment plan, I can now maintain good nutrition - without surgery.

—Betty Nicholson

Skill, intuition, and empathy

When I started treatment with Dr. Earl, I was a mess. My primary issues were chronic acid reflux, a seriously compromised immune system from radiation treatments, and severe back pain.

Six months later, I've ditched my reflux medication, my back feels significantly better, and I haven't succumbed to the flu or colds circulating around my office. I feel better overall, and my energy level is higher than it's been in years.

I'm extremely grateful to Dr. Earl for his skill, intuition, and empathy.

—Diane Olson