The Benefits of Honey

In this short information piece I will be giving you just a few of the many benefits to the use of honey. Before we begin, it is important to note that the honey used must be raw and organic. It is important that you understand that if honey has been processed, it is not not good for either you or the bee.

The processing of honey is a form of  pasturization were the honey heated to very high temperatures.

 Research has shown that if you feed bees processed honey, it will kill them, so it is very important to consume only raw organic honey. Honey is rich in many minerals: i.e. iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, and potassium. All of these minerals are important to our health, but potassium is vital to our immune system. For example, bacteria cannot live in its presence. Potassium withdraws from the bacteria the moisture which is essential to their very existence. This was documented by Dr. W.G. Sackett at the Colorado Agriculture College in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Honey has many medicinal properties and is helpful in the treatment of digestive distress, bed wetting, insomnia, acute or chronic cough, controlling muscle cramps, healing burns, and much more.

Honey is one of God’s perfect foods and has many advantages over other sugars. Listed below are just a few of these advantages:

1. It is non-irritating to the lining of your digestive tract.

2. It is easily and rapidly assimilated.

3. It quickly furnishes the demand for energy.

4. It enables athletes and others who expend energy heavily to recuperate rapidly from exertion.

5. It is, of all sugars, handled best by the kidneys.

6. It has a natural and gentle laxative effect.

7. It has a sedative value.

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