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Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

The purpose of writing this article is to help you understand how I can best serve you in your journey back to optimal health.

Good health care has many facets. In this short article I would like to define and explain the three most important elements needed to help the body help itself back to optimal health.

The first one is good nutrition.  The best nutrients come from organic, unaltered whole foods. The best, most cost effective way to get this is through whole-food supplementation. The proper use of whole-food supplementation is best accomplished through the informed guidance of a health care professional. This guidance should include a professional assessment of the individual’s health concerns and nutritional needs.

The second element is to implement the ancient wisdom of synergistic herbal formulas given to us by Asian medicine.

The third and final element is acupuncture. The role of acupuncture is to reestablish healthy communication of the organ (orb) systems. This in turn leads to homeostasis, the body in a condition of optimal health.

This trio is a powerful and effective way to address the core of most health concerns.

Of course, there are other lifestyle changes that are very important. i.e.: exercise and spiritual/mental health (click on the Spirituality and Healing tab) just to mention a few.

Thirty years of clinical experience have given me the knowledge and ability to effectively implement this trio. If acupuncture cannot be implemented due to a long distance situation, I can very effectively use the assessment tool of Bio Design along with whole-food nutrition and Asian herbal medicine to address the problems.

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Doc Earl