Age Spots

A home remedy for age spots

Would you like to get rid of those ugly age spots?  A great remedy is Castor Oil. Make sure you rub it in very well and do it everyday.

Another great tip for skin care is the use of vitamin C cream to treat sun damage. It is great for us bald guys. Apply it every night before bed. The type of vitamin C cream you use is very important.

In my experience there is only one that works well. If you would like to try this product, go to the contact section of my website and give me your contact information so I can arrange to ship you a jar.

Also this summer be sure to take vitamin F. I can get you the whole food F which is the only one you should use. If you are interested please contact me by phone or email via my web sight and I will make sure you get taken care of.

Hope this helps

Doc Earl

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